2007 Graduates

The Class of 2007

spring 2007 graduates
The Undergraduate (B.S.) Class of May 2007. Left to Right: Aron Cepler, Brian Smith, Max Grace, Patrick Stahl, Matthew Castille,
and Michael Figueroa. Not pictured: Maggie Bennett and Abiodun Osho. Photo by Al Santos.

B.S. Graduates

Margaret Bennett
Matthew Castille
Aron Cepler
Michael Figueroa
Max Grace
Paul Ledwith
Abiodun Osho
Brian Smith
Patrick Stahl

M.S. Graduates

Dennis Brown
Bowen Lee
Lei Zheng

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Jung-Chul An: "Synthesis, Characterization and Kinetic Studies of Ionizing Radiation Induced Intra and Inter Crosslinked Polyvinyl (Pyrrolidone) Nanohydrogels." Advisor: Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

Arthur (Von) Cresce: "Nanopatterning of Recombinant Proteins and Viruses Using Block Copolymer Templates." Advisor: Peter Kofinas (Bioengineering)

Jason Hattrick-Simpers: "A Combinatorial Investigation of Magnetostriction." Advisor: Ichiro Takeuchi

James Lee: "Mechanics of Brittle Layered Structures Supported with High Modulus Composite." Advisor: Isabel Lloyd.

Li Ling: "Plasma Etching of Dielectric Materials Using Inductively and Capacitively Coupled Fluorocarbon Discharges: Mechanistic Studies of the Surface Chemistry." Advisor: Gottlieb Oehrlein

Greg Oberson: "An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Low Temperature Creep Deformation Mechanisms of Single-Phase Titanium Alloys." Advisor: S. Ankem.

Jung Jin Park: "Development of BioMEMS Device and Package for a Spatially Programmable Biomolecule Assembly. Advisor: Gary Rubloff

Sanwarit (Alex) Prasertchoung: "Pulse Switching and Scaling Behavior of Ferroelectric Thin Films Using Atomic Force Microscopy." Advisor: R. Ramesh.

Tabassom Tadayyon-Eslami: "Temperature Dependence of the Growth Made During Homoepitaxy on Patterned GaAs (001): The Role of Roughening." Advisor: Ray Phaneuf

De-Hao Tsai: "Understanding Electric Field-Enhanced Transport for the Measurement of Nanoparticles and Their Assembly on Surfaces." Advisor: Michael Zachariah (Mechanical Engineering)

Yijun Wang: "High Modulus Dental Resin Composites." Advisor: Lloyd

Alia Weaver: "Ionizing Radiation-Induced Copolymerization of 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate and Acrylic Acid and Ionomer Formation." Advisor: Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

Joon Hyuk Yang: "The Attachment and Characterization of DNA Probes on GaAs-Based Semiconductor Surfaces." Advisor: Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

Peng Zhao: "Magnetoelastic Coupling In NiMnGa Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys." Advisor: Manfred Wuttig