2008 Graduates

The Class of 2008

The Undergraduate (B.S.) MSE Class of May 2008. Left to right: Alvin Wilson, Joshua Davis, Colin Heikes,
Elyse Canosa, Christina Senagore, and Maeling Tapp. Photo by Al Santos.
mse ms student
M.S. Class of 2008: Jason West

Ph.D. Class of May 2008, left to right: Yi Qi, Yijun Wang*, and Sebastian Engelmann. Not pictured: Shigehiro Fujino, Sung Hwan Lim, and Zhuopeng Tan.


B.S. Graduates

Elyse Canosa
Joshua Davis
Colin Heikes
Christina Senagore
Maeling Tapp
Alvin Wilson

M.S. Graduates and Theses

Jason West: "Chronoamperometric Study of Conformational Relaxation in Ppy (DBS)." Advisors: Benjamin Shapiro (Aerospace Engineering; currently Bioengineering/ISR) and Elisabeth Smela (Mechanical Engineering)

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Sebastian Engelmann: "Plasma-Surface Interactions of Modified Polymers for Advanced PR Systems." Advisor: Gottlieb Oehrlein

Shigehiro Fujino: "Combinatorial Discovery of a Morphotropic Phase Boundary in a Lead-Free Piezoelectric Material." Advisor: Ichiro Takeuchi

Sung Hwan Lim: "Synthesis and Characterization of Multi-ferroic Thin Films." Advisor: Lourdes G. Salamanca-Riba

Zhuopeng Tan: "Self-Assembled Multiferroic nanostructures of PbTiO3-CoFe2O4." Advisor: Alexander Roytburd

Yijun Wang*: "High Modulus Dental Resin Composites." Advisor: Isabel Lloyd

*Dr. Wang graduated in 2007 but attended this year's commencement and hooding ceremonies.