2009 Graduates

The Class of 2009

The Undergraduate (B.S.) MSE Class of May 2009. Left to right: Ryan Mulholland, Grant Hatcher, and Pavel Kotlyarskiy.
Far right: Professor and Chair Robert M. Briber. Not pictured: Hilary Lane, Alvin Wlson.


B.S. Graduates

Grant Hatcher
Pavel Kotlyarskiy
Hilary Lane
Ryan Douglas Mulholland
Alvin Wilson

You can learn more about these students' work by reading: "MSE Capstone 2009."

M.S. Graduates

Janelle Critchfield
Michael Kasser
Daniel Pines

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Dan Janiak (Ph.D. '09) with advisor Professor Peter Kofinas (Fischell Department of Bioengineering)

Mey Saied (Ph.D. '09) with advisor Associate Professor Isabel Lloyd

Xin Zhang (Ph.D. '09) with advisor Professor and Chair Robert M. Briber

Dan Janiak: "Molecular Imprinted Polymers for the Selective Recognition of Proteins." Advisor: Peter Kofinas (Bioengineering).

Hiroyuki Oguchi: "Combinatorial Investigation of Intermetallics Using Electron-beam Deposition." Advisor: Ichiro Takeuchi.

Yi Qi: "Aritifical Spin Ice As a Geometrically Frustrated System: Design, Visualization and Application." Advisor: John Cumings.

Mey Saied: "Effect of Glass Joins on Performance and Lifetime of Layered Ceramic Systems." Advisor: Isabel Lloyd.

Xin Zhang: "Synthesis and Characterization of low Flammability Polymer/Layered Silicate Nanocomposities." Advisor: Robert M. Briber.