2011 Graduates

2011 Graduates Photo Gallery (May and December)

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The undergraduate 2011 Senior Capstone team. Front Row, left to right: Professor Ray Phaneuf, Nicholas Strnad, Tricia Alward, Robert Thompson, Coit Hendley, Iain Kierzewski, and William Schoenfelder. Back row, left to right: Michael Meadows, Tunji Godo, and Ninoska Moratin.

You can learn more about these students' work by reading "MSE Capstone 2011: Improving Targeted Alpha Therapy"

The Class of 2011: May

B.S. Graduates

Iain Kierzewski
Michael Meadows
Ninoska Moratin
Nicholas Strnad
Robert Thompson

M.S. Graduates

Michael Carrier
Linmaris Santiago

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Ping-Yen Hsieh: Syntheses, Structures and Properties of Nanoporous Metal-Organic Framework Materials. Advisor: Robert M. Briber

Mark Kujawski: Polymer Composites for Sensing and Actuation. Advisor: Elizabeth Smela (Mechanical Engineering)

Shu-Ju Tsai: Spectroscopic Enhancement from Noble Metallic Nanoparticles. Advisor: Raymond Phaneuf

Brian Watson: Processing of Cellulose for the Advancement of Biofuels. Advisors: Isabel Lloyd and Steven Hutcheson (Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics)

Shu-Ju Pheobe Tsai (right) with her advisor, Professor Ray Phaneuf.

The Class of 2011: August

M.S. Graduates

Adam Karcz
Aloysius Obodoako
Tong Ren

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Parag Banerjee: Exploiting Process Synergy Between Anodic Aluminum Oxide Nanotemplates and Atomic Layer Deposition: From Thin Films to 3D Nano-Electronic Devices. Advisor: Gary Rubloff

Dwight Hunter: Fabrication and Characterization of Magnetostrictive Thin Films Using the Combinatorial Method. (Advisor: Ichiro Takeuchi)

Sang Hak Shin: Thermodynamics and Structure of Polyethylene Oxide in Ethanol and Water Mixtures. (Advisor: Robert Briber)

The Class of 2011: December

B.S. Graduates

Tricia Alward
Joshua Emmer
Olatunji Godo
William Schoenfelder

M.S. Graduates

Marie Baronette
Yen Hao Chen

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Hyunsuk Chun: Abnormal Grain Growth in Magnetostrictive Galfenol Rolled Sheet. (Advisor: Alison Flatau, Department of Aerospace Engineering)

Michael Gaither: Ultra-Small Scale Mechanical Properties Measurement. (Co-Advisors: Isabel Lloyd and Robert Cook [NIST])

Kwan Lee: Synthesis and Characterization of Functional One-Dimensional Nanostructures. (Advisor: Min Ouyang, Department of Physics)

Florian Weilnboeck: Plasma Interactions with Masking Materials for Nanofabrication. (Advisor: Gottlieb Oehrlein)

Zane Wyatt: The Effect of Phase Constitution and Morphology on Room Temperature Deformation Behavior of Binary Titanium Alloys. (Advisor: Sreeramamurthy Ankem)