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Rabin, Oded

Oded Rabin
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Advisor
1110B Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building

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Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2004

Research Interests 

Synthesis and physical properties of nanowires and porous thin films, electrical and thermal transport in low dimensional systems, nanoporous membranes, interfacial nanoscience (including organic-inorganic systems, Ccntrolled assembly, scattering, and surface plasmons), thermal and electrical transport, applications in sensing, microfluidics, and chromatography.


Before joining the faculty as a joint apointee to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP) in Fall 2007, Professor. Rabin held postdoctoral positions with the Harvard Medical School at Massachusetts General Hospital, and with the University of California, Berkeley. His work is supported by the Department of Business and Economic Development's Nano-Biotechnology Initiative. 

Current Research Projects 

Recent years have seen significant progress in the fabrication of nanoscale structures and in understanding the unusual physics that govern their properties. Dr. Rabin's efforts will be concentrated in developing methodologies to prepare new types of nanostructures that will have characteristics not found in larger materials. He is also interested in investigating the ways in which nanostructures interact differently with their environment: can they promote chemical reactions, absorb molecules, and manipulate light and electrons and spins.

Dr. Rabin's research interests also include chemical sensing and molecule-nanoparticle interactions; advanced materials for thermoelectric energy generation; applications of nanoparticles as biomarkers for imaging, diagnosis, and repair; porous anodic alumina scaffolds; and molecular and nanoparticle transport in microfluidic devices.


Professor Rabin currently teaches:

  • ENMA 300: Introduction to Engineering Materials (undergraduate coure course)
  • ENMA 301: Materials for Emerging Technologies (undergraduate coure course)
  • ENMA 430/630: Nanosized Materials: Synthesis and Applications

Honors and Awards 

  • Research supported by the Department of Business and Economic Development's Nano-Biotechnology Initiative
  • Best Poster Award, Electrochemical Society Meeting, Orlando, 2003.
  • Cambridge Science Foundation Travel Grant, 2003.
  • Electrochemical Society Membership Award, 2003.
  • Best Poster Award, Thermoelectrics Symposium, Materials Research Society Conference, Boston, 2001.
  • "Zeevi Fund" Fellowship for research in chemistry, 1995.
  • President’s Honors, the Technion (1994, 1995, 1996).
  • "Excellence Program" Fellowship during undergraduate studies.

Selected Publications 

For a complete list of publications, please visit Professor Rabin's web site

Lee, W.; Lee, S. Y.; Zhang, X.; Rabin, O.; Briber, R. M., Hexagonally Ordered Nanoparticles Templated Using a Block Copolymer Film Through Coulombic Interactions. Nanotechnology 2013, 24, 045305. Abstract

Rabin, O., Self-Assembly: Judging a Nanocubes by its Cover. Nature Nanotechnology 2012, 7, 419–420. Abstract

Cornett, J. E.; Rabin, O., Effect of the Energy Dependence of the Carrier Scattering Time on the Thermoelectric Power Factor of Quantum Wells and Nanowires. Applied Physics Letters 2012, 100, (24), 242106 (4 pages). Abstract This article was selected for the June 25, 2012 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.

Rabin, O.; Lee, S. Y., SERS Substrates by the Assembly of Silver Nanocubes – High Throughput and Enhancement Reliability Considerations. Journal of Nanotechnology 2012, vol. 2012, Article ID 870378. Open Access Article Online | PDF

Lee, S. Y.; Rabin, O., A Unique Solid-Solid Transformation of Silver Nanoparticles on Reactive Ion-Etching-Processed Silicon. Nanotechnology 2012, 23, 065301. Abstract

Cornett, J. E.; Rabin, O., Universal Scaling Relations for the Thermoelectric Power Factor of Semiconducting Nanostructures. Physical Review B 2011, 84, 205410. Abstract

Lee, W.; Lee, S. Y.; Briber, R. M.; Rabin, O., Self-Assembled SERS Substrates with Tunable Surface Plasmon Resonances. Advanced Functional Materials 2011, 21, (18), 3424-3429. Abstract

Cornett, J. E.; Rabin, O., Thermoelectric Figure of Merit Calculations for Semiconducting Nanowires.Applied Physics Letters 2011, 98, (18), 182104. Abstract This article was selected for the May 16, 2011 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.

Tkachuk, S.; Lang, G.; Krafft, C.; Mayergoyz, I. D.; Rabin, O., Plasmon Resonance Enhancement of Faraday Rotation in Thin Garnet Films. Journal of Applied Physics 2011, 109, (7), 07B717. Abstract

Lee, S. Y.; Hung, L.; Lang, G. S.; Cornett, J. E.; Mayergoyz, I. D.; Rabin, O., Dispersion in the SERS Enhancement with Silver Nanocube Dimers. ACS Nano 2010, 4, (10), 5763-5772. Abstract

Mayergoyz, I. D.; Lang, G.; Hung, L.; Tkachuk, S.; Krafft, C.; Rabin, O., Plasmon resonance enhancement of magneto-optic effects in garnets. Journal of Applied Physics 2010, 107, (9), 09A925. Abstract

Selected Presentations 

Jane E. Cornett and Oded Rabin, "Universal scaling relations for the thermoelectric power factor of nanostructures", Proc. SPIE 8377, 83770L (2012). Abstract

Oded Rabin, "Reliable SERS substrates by the Controlled Assembly of Nanoparticles", Proc. SPIE 8373, 83732N (2012). Abstract

Oded Rabin, Robert M. Briber, Seung Yong Lee, and Wonjoo Lee, "High-throughput nanostructured SERS substrates by self-assembly", Proc. SPIE 8376, 837604 (2012). Abstract

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