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Laboratory for MicroTechnologies

Principal Investigator: 
2176 Martin Hall

The Laboratory for MicroTechnologies focuses on developing new technologies at the micro-scale that combine conventional inorganic materials and devices with organic, polymeric, and biological materials or living cells. Group members work in the area of cell-based sensing, in close collaboration with Professor Abshire, in which cells are cultured onto CMOS/MEMS devices and monitored using a range of sensing modalities. One application is an olfactory sensory neuron based bionose-on-a-chip. Associated technologies include microfluidics and dielectrophoresis (DEP). The group also has extensive experience with polymeric "artificial muscles," including microfabricated conjugated polymer actuators, dielectric elastomer actuators, and a new type of hydraulic "nastic" actuator. In addition, lab members are developing compliant electrodes for use with these actuators and flexible electronics. The lab features equipment for driving and characterizing actuators, for characterizing thin films, and for handling cells.