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University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC)

Engineering Lab Building

The University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC) is a multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to advancing the frontiers of energy science and technology, with a special focus on forward-looking approaches for alternative energy generation and storage. UMERC brings together the research capabilities necessary to create a sustainable energy future, with faculty expertise in both energy technology and policy.

UMERC's facilities include conventional and cutting-edge, thick- and thin-film ceramic processing equipment; test facilities for fuel cell, sensor, and membrane reactor setups with controlled gas streams, and on-line GC/MS gas analysis. Ceramic processing and fabrication equipment includes a ProCast continuous tape castor, Carver heated lamination press, complete powder synthesis and processing lab, ball mills, a fully automated DEK screen-printer with vision system and feedback control. The facility's furnaces capable of ceramic processing up to 1750°C. Cell/membrane test equipment includes: computer interfaced potentiostat/ impedance analyzers (Solartron and PAR), sample holders (SOFC, membranes, sensors, etc.) with shielded leads inside temperature-controlled furnaces. Both the electrochemical test equipment and the temperature programmed reaction/desorption (TPR/TPD) apparatus are configured with gas manifolding (mass flow controllers) and gas analysis (mass spectrometer and gas chromatograph). These laboratories also include equipment for thermochemical and thermomechanical analysis, including a Cahn microbalance and a Theta dilatometer, both with temperature and gas environment control.