Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Profiles

Get to know some of our past graduate students in a more personal way and learn more about their graduate experience. What was their research about, and what could it mean to society? Why did they choose the Clark School and the University of Maryland? What advice do they have for undergraduates considering a graduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering?

Available Profiles

Sabrina Curtis

Advisor: Professor Marina Leite 
Lab: Army Research Laboratory
Research Interests: Stretchable electronics, renewable energy technologies, multi-rerroic materials.  Meet Sabrina...
Travis Dietz

Advisor: Professor Mohamad Al-Sheikhly
Lab: Laboratory for Radiation and Polymer Science
Research interests: Radiation effects on materials, nuclear energy applications, radiation chemistry and polymers. Meet Travis....

Patrick Stanley

Advisor: Professor Eric Wachsman
Lab: Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Research Interests: Fracture mechanisms in solid oxide fuel cell anodes, cathode development for Li-ion batteries. Meet Patrick...