The Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series: Spring 2014

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February 7 Bottom-Up Metal Deposition for Feature Filling and Interconnect Fabrication
Daniel Josell
Staff Scientist
Metallurgy Division
Material Measurement Laboratory
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February 14 From Si Microdevices to PEG Nanocoatings: Exploring Advanced Materials via Nanomechanics
Frank DelRio
Mechanical Engineer
Materials Measurement Science Division
Nanomechanical Properties Group
Material Measurement Laboratory
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February 21 Tailoring Optoelectronic Properties of PbSe Nanostructures: 0D to 1D
Joseph G. Tischler
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
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February 28 UMD ADVANCE Seminar Series: Ceramic Thermoelectrics for High‐Temperature Energy Recovery
Doreen Edwards
Professor and Dean
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Inamori School of Engineering
Alfred University
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March 7 Cellulose Materials As Building Blocks for Energy and Electronics
Liangbing Hu
Assistant Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Maryland Energy Research Center
University of Maryland
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March 14 MSE Faculty Meeting–No Seminar
March 21 Spring Break–No Seminar
March 28 Nanophotonic Transducers for Sensing and Quantum Science Research
Kartik Srinivasan
Project Leader
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology
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April 4 Advanced Applications for Focused Ion Beam (FIB)/Dual Beam Microscopy at the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology at NIST
Joshua Schumacher
Process Engineer
NanoFab Operations Group
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April 11 On the Edge Chipping Resistance of Brittle Materials
George Quinn
American Dental Association Foundation
Volpe Research Center
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April 18 Plasmonic-Waveguide Metamaterials at Visible and Ultraviolet Frequencies
Henri J. Lezec
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, NIST
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April 25 Superelastic TiNi Thin Film Medical Implants
Eckhard Quandt
Professor and Chair, Inorganic Functional Materials
Institute for Materials Science
Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany
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May 2 TBA
Rajeswari Kasi
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Connecticut
May 9 MSE Faculty Meeting–No Seminar