Rachel Katz (Director of Finance & Operations): manages business office functions including payroll, travel, proposals/grants, reconciling all state/operating/research accounts, purchasing, etc.

Amanda Statland (Asst Director): manages all proposals (pre/post award); responsible for cost share account establishment/management, procurement and travel card management, and effort reporting.

Novy Choi (Business Manager): assists Amanda Statland, charts payroll for faculty members and assists in proposal preparation and management, initiates payroll transfers as needed for research awards.

Jenna Bishop (Manager): handles procurement for both MSE and ChBE for purchases in excess of $5k, reconciles the 1 and 2 accounts (operating and state accounds for both departments), works to establish foundation accounts, reimburse accounts on campus using foundation funds, provides travel assistance to MSE, and coordinates parking for both departments.

Christina Wilson (Coordinator): handles procurement for MSE (primarily), facilitates ordering via ShellShop for MSE, reconciles 4 and 5 accounts for MSE, works with the Director to manage the 1 and 2 accounts.

Ruth Yun (Payroll Manager): handles payroll for all departments (MSE/ChBE/FPE), creates summer contracts with OES, and works to initiate student awards via student award system. Assits with distributing building keys and access/swipe cards.

Sherri Tatum (Administrative Coordinator): assistant to the Chair; manages seminar logistics, travel and Pcard purchasing, and additional administrative duties as assigned.

Mike McNicholas (Consultant/Facilities Coordinator): handles all facilities issues through the mse-chbe-facilities address, to include DivIT issues, primary contact for keys and building access/card swipe, manages intake of packages. 

*Updated August 6, 2021.