The PREMIER [Pre-major Research Experience in Materials to Increase Engagement and Recruitment] research program is intended for undecided engineering students interested in the field of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).  PREMIER is a paid research experience with an individual MSE research group for 1st year undecided engineering students who want to learn more about materials science and its impact on society, industry and sustainability. This is an opportunity to meet MSE faculty and students, and become famliar with the research they do, while deciding if MSE is the right major for you.

The salary is $15/hr and the time commitment is up to 8 hrs/week for 12 weeks per semester.

How to apply: Student will need to complete the Application and the ENES100 instructor will need to complete a recommendation (2 step process).

  • Fill out the application form here
  • ENES100 instructor should fill in the faculty recommendation form here

*Note: Students who apply in the spring may choose to enter the program in the fall, or in the summer.

Questions may be addressed to Prof. Isabel Lloyd (