MSE Seminar Series: Richard Weiss, Georgetown

Friday, March 10, 2017
1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
Room 2110, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
JoAnne Kagle

Hard and Soft Matter in Conservation Science: How did I get here?


Aspects of 3 current projects dealing with conservation science, as well as a very brief history of how the speaker became involved with this field, will be discussed -

  1. Two PEG-based surfactants, C12E9 and C18E100, have been incorporated into 80% hydrolyzed poly(vinyl acetate)–borate gel-like aqueous dispersions with no deleterious effects on the stability, workability, or optical properties of the materials. The dispersions are clear, peelable, and stable at room temperature (in capped vials to prevent evaporation) for more than two months. Perhaps as a result of its gentler physical action and less swelling of the paint, gel cleaning of artificial soil-coated acrylic paint appears to cause less disruption to the acrylic paint surface than swabbing. 
  2. The removal of soluble salts is an essential step in preservation of materials of historical interest, such as clays, pottery, and plaster because desalination minimizes the damage caused by salt recrystallization. Using water for desalination of water-sensitive paints is extremely challenging—treatments can result in the removal or destruction of the paint during removal of the salts from the sublayers.  We will describe conditions to remove salts from water-sensitive painted pottery surfaces using treatments that include the application of temporary consolidants to the painted areas.
  3. Because some cleaning treatments require application of non-aqueous agents, we are exploring the utility of organogels formed by combining 40% hydrolyzed poly(vinyl acetate) and benzene-1,4-diboronic acid in various organic liquids.  Progress in assessing the properties of these gels will be reported.

Audience: Public 

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