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Advance solutions to daunting challenges

MSE faculty members are focused on developing and characterizing materials, and materials systems, that provide the underpinnings for advancing technology and science into the future. The development of many major advances in science and technology has been predicated on advances of the underlying materials systems. MSE is leading the effort in continuing this growth for the benefit of society. 

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Build an interdisciplinary skill set

Our programs combine engineering, physics and chemistry, and use them to solve real-world problems in nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, energy, manufacturing and other major engineering fields. They also empahsize collaboration across fields and disciplines, within the Clark School and beyond.

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Access state-of-the-art facilities

Experimental research in MSE often lies on the cutting edge, because much of the work in the department exploits state-of-art equipment and instrumentation for synthesis and analysis of materials at the nanoscale. Accompanying theoretical work is based on modeling and simulation from the atomic scale up to the macro scale, enabling more intelligent design and inference from the experiments, and solidifying and expanding our scientific and predictive knowledge base.

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Be close to employment opportunities

The University of Maryland's promixity to Washington, D.C. provides students with opportunities to work with prominent government research facilities that employ materials science engineers, including the Department of Energy, the Food and Drug Administration, the armed forces, Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Highway Administration, NASA, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and even the Smithsonian. 

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