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MSE's Industry Partners

IBM R. Briber and G. W. Rublofff - nanoporous low-K dielectrics for advanced interconnects
Texas Instruments G. W. Rubloff - in-situ, real-time chemical sensing for advanced process control
Motorola R. Ramesh - collaborations on high-K dielectrics and ferroelectrics
Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) G. S. Oehrlein - plasma processing and diagnostics
G. W. Rubloff - environmental impacts and optimization in semiconductor manufacturing
Semiconductor Industry Associates (SIA) G. W. Rubloff - Metrology Working Group for International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Sematech G. W. Rubloff - metrology for advanced process control under National Semiconductor Metrology Program at NIST
G. S. Oehrlein - plasma processing and diagnostics


Ulvac G. W. Rubloff - donation of Ulvac ERA-1000 W CVD cluster tool
Lam Research G. S. Oehrlein - plasma process diagnostics
G. S. Oehrlein and G. W. Rubloff - donation of Lam Alliance cluster tool
AMP A. Christou - optical interconnects, photonic devices and processing
Opticom Corp. A. Christou - VCSEL's, device processing, FEM simulation
British Aerospace A. Christou - photonics, device simulation
Tycco A. Christou - microwave devices, compound semiconductors
Ciena A. Christou - photonics and optical interconnects
JDSU Corp. A. Christou - reliability and optical interconnects; solder reliability
Gould A. Christou - optical alignment and interconnects
Raytheon A. Christou - microwave devices and compound semiconductors


Inficon G. W. Rubloff - in-situ, real-time chemical sensors for advanced process control in semiconductor manufacturing
G. S. Oehrlein - plasma diagnostics for semiconductor manufacturing
Northrop Grumman G. W. Rubloff  and R. Adomaitis (Chem Eng) - chemical sensing and simulation for GaN MOCVD growth for microelectronic applications

MSE Partnerships with External Labs

Government Laboratories

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) G. W. Rubloff - collaborations and support for chemical sensors, metrology, and process control in semiconductor manufacturing
Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS/NSA) R. Phaneuf - collaborations and support for investigations of patterning for directed sel-assembly, LEEM development, and surface sensitive electron microscopies for device characterization
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) A. Christou - surface analysis of contamination on optical coatings; degradation of high power semiconductor laser diodes; VCSEL arrays for LIDAR applications
Army Research Laboratory (ARL) - Adelphi A. Christou - processing of VCSEL arrays; finite element analysis of thermomechanical stresses in biased devices; diamond substrate metallization; modulator design on non-(100) InP
Army Research Laboratory (ARL) - Aberdeen A. Christou - high g loaded microelectronics and packaging; FEM simulation
National Institutes of Health (NIH)  
ITC-irst FBK Division
Trento, Italy
G. W. Rubloff, R. Briber - surface and thin film nanomaterials, biomaterials/bioMEMS, and combinatorial approaches to materials research