Looking Ahead, Moving Forward


Mark A. Wolf, Kyocera International

Active Members

S. Pamir Alpay, Executive Director, Innovation Partnership Building, University of Connecticut

Erin F. Bergner, Patent Examiner, U.S. Federal Government

Harsh Deep Chopra, Mechanical Engineering Professor, Temple University

Theresa V. ClarkDeputy Director, Division of Rulemaking, U.S. NRC

Robert Foster, CEO of Campbell Manion & Associates

Daniel Frydrych, W.L. Gore & Associates

Chandan Ganpule,  Prinicpal Engineer and Engineering R&D Manager,  Intel

Martin Green,  Leader, Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development Group, NIST

Marta Hernandez, Associate Program Officer, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Shulong Li, Senior Scientist and Invention Lead, Milliken & Company

J. David Londono, Senior Research Associate and Group Leader, Dupont

Alan Nakatani, Senior Research Scientist, Dow Chemical

Ashley Ruth, Chemical Engineer, Tactical Power Branch/Power Division, DEVCOM, U.S. Army

Matthew Trexler, Director of Technology Validation, Under Armour