The Class of 2015: May

B.S. Graduates

The undergraduate (B.S.) MSE Capstone Design Class of May 2015. Far right, floor row: Professor Ray Phaneuf.

The undergraduate (B.S.) Class of May 2015 at commencement.


Atwater, Katherine
Bailey, Eric
Barbagallo, Stephen
Cesewski, Ellen
Chang, Allen
Chowdhury, Naveed
Conner, Christopher
Crapo, Joseph
Desalegn, Andinet
Devaraj, Tejaswini
Floccare, Michael
Godbey, Griffin
Hasday, Benjamin
Hochuli, Ian
Hughes, Michael
Jang, Soo-Hwan
Kotowski, Steven
Langreo, Joseph
Lee, Seongwoo Chris
Lin, Edward Tu
Lindemon, Brady
Lopez, Kenneth
Oueslati, Amine
Qualters, Colin
Rice, Matthew
Roskowinski, Alec
Schreiber, Nathaniel
Shyu, DoRonne
Singh, Harmanpreet
Stull, Donald
Urban, Daniel

M.S. Graduates

Romaine Isaacs
Christopher Wolfram

Dr. Alexander Kozen, Dr. Elliot Bartis, Professor Robert M. Briber, and Dr. Sean Fackler.


Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Elliot Bartis: "Low and Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Interactions with Biomolecules and Polymers." Advisor: Prof. Gottlieb Oehrlein.
Sean Fackler: "Combinatorial Investigation of Rare-Earth Free Permanent Magnets." Advisor: Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi.
Yi-Lin Huang: "Fundamental Understanding of SOFC Cathode Durability; A Kinetics and Catalysis Study." Advisor: Prof. Eric Wachsman.
Will Joost: "Modeling the Influence of Phase Boundaries and Oxygen Interstitials on the Nucleation and Growth of Deformation Twins in the Alpha-Phase of Titanium Alloys."  Co-advisors: Prof. Rama Ankem and Dr. Maija Kuklja.
Alex Kozen: "Atomic Layer Deposition of Solid Electrolytes for Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries." Advisor:  Prof. Gary Rubloff.
Ashley Lidie Ruth: "Solid Oxide Ionic Materials for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage." Advisor: Prof. Eric Wachsman.
Marshall Scroeder: "Ald-Enabled Cathode-Catalyst Architectures for Li-O2 Batteries." Advisor:  Prof. Gary Rubloff.

The Class of 2015: December

B.S. Graduates

Andrew Blyskal
Casey Forman
Harold Hayes
Alex Kordell
John Mecham
Ethan Schindel
Nicholas Wang

The undergraduate (B.S.) Class of December 2015 at commencement.


PhD Graduates and Dissertations

Garth Egan: "Understanding the Reaction Mechanism of Aluminum Nanocomposite Thermites." Advisor: Prof. Michael Zachariah.

Amy Marquardt: "Novel Protective Coatings for Silver and Cooper Alloy Cultural Heritage Objects Using Atomic Layer Deposited Metal Oxide Barrier Films." Advisor: Prof. Raymond Phaneuf

Hanna Nilsson: "Controlling Nanostructures for in-situ TEM Characterization."  Advisor: Prof. John Cumings

Jeremy Ticey: "Carbon-Sulfur Nanocomposites for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries." Advisor: Prof. John Cumings

Slavica Grdanovska: "Characterization of a Novel Photonic Crystal Sensor to Monitor Radiation-Induced Damage of Nuclear Fuel Materials." Advisors: Prof. Robert Briber and Dr. Timothy Koeth


Prof. Phaneuf, Dr. Egan, Dr. Ticey and Dr. Nilsson.