MSE Seminar Speaker: Eva Campo, NSF and Bangor University U.K.

Friday, April 27, 2018
1:00 p.m.
2110 Chem/Nuc Engineering Building
Robert Briber

Speaker: Eva M. Campo, Ph.D., Program Director for Materials Research, National Science Foundation (NSF)

Title:  Investigation of Surfaces and Nano-Interfaces Through Advanced Microscopies and Spectroscopies: Theory, Experiment, and Data

Abstract:  Detailed analysis of C-K edge emissions from NEXAFS-synchrotron spectroscopies at the Laboratory for Matter Dynamics has yielded a number of contributions in the realm of surfaces and interfaces in the context of soft matter and nano-materials.

Recently, Dr. Campo's group has reported innovative approaches to fundamentally characterize effects of fabrication and processing on rippled and strained graphene on a quantitative level, with molecular sensitivity, at wafer scales. This approach has merged state of the art synchrotron hyperspectral detectors (National Institute of Standards and Technology—Brookhaven National Laboratories) with advanced theoretical calculations (Molecular Foundry—Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and data analytics (Stanford Linear Accelerator). Current efforts aim at introducing statistical and data analytics, in collaboration with UMD, as shown in a recent co-authored publication.

The wealth of information embedded in hyperspectral imaging is promoting the construction of a theoretical database of graphene defects that, through data-centric routines, will enable datamining to produce qualitative and quantitative analysis, and hence, information about the overall quality of graphene.

This seminar will discuss recent findings in this context and provide an overview of data activities within the Division of Materials Research at the NSF.

Bio:  Dr. Campo is a Theoretical Physicist (M.S. U. Complutense, Spain) and Materials Scientist and Engineer (Ph.D. Lehigh U., PA). She served as Senior Scientist and Assistant Education Director at the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter at the University of Pennsylvania, having contributed as faculty to research and diversity efforts at the Partnership for Research and Education Materials (PREM). Dr. Campo has held faculty appointments at the University of Barcelona and was the Opto-Nanomechanics Lecturer at Bangor University, U.K., prior to joining the NSF. She joined the Division of Materials Research as a Program Director in March 2017 and is responsible for managing the PREM program and oversees the Data efforts in the Division.  Dr. Campo is also a SPIE Fellow.

Audience: Campus 

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