MSE Seminar by Dr. Hyun Jung Kim

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
3:30 p.m.
Room 2110 CHE
Emmanuel Duh, Ph.D.
301 405 9764

Title: Phase Change Materials for Photonics in NASA Science and Space Missions

Abstract: Phase change materials (PCMs) such as Ge2Sb2Te5, Ge2Sb2Se4Te1, and Sb2S3 have recently emerged as a promising platform to control light on-chip due to their fast,dramatic, and reversible change in refractive index. Significant technical progress in the field has been achieved in terms of improving optical transparency, controlling PCMs both optically and electrically, and integrating with complex photonic circuits, leading to exciting applications. When PCMs are mated with metasurfaces, devices are capable of controlling the phase and amplitude of propagating light with arrays of subwavelength structures. These enhance tunability and reconfigurability and continue to redefine the boundaries of optical sciences. PCM-based metasurface optics also help to accelerate the adoption of new architectures with reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) for science and space mission platforms at NASA.
In this talk, I will introduce two NASA-lead PCM photonic projects:

  • P-ACTIVE (PCM-based actively tunable filter) for broad imaging and sensing applications – from probing molecular vibrations in chemical species to detecting radiant thermal signatures of the space launch system.
  • PROWESS (Phase change reconfigurable optical wavefront synthesis system) as a beam steerer for both Earth and space LiDAR and free space optical communication applications. 

From this seminar, the attendees will be exposed not only to PCM-based photonic technologies but also NASA missions including the MISSE (Materials on the International Space Station Experiment) test campaign that was conducted to expose PCMs and PCM-based metasurfaces in space for 6 months in 2022.

Bio: Dr. Hyun Jung Kim has been a research physicist at NASA Langley Research Center in Virginia since 2009. She works on passive and active optical projects and is the principal investigator for work in the NASA Langley ISO5 Optical Cleanroom. Over 6 years, she has led phase change chalcogenide materials-based optics projects (tunable filters and reconfigurable metalenses) for NASA Science and Space missions. She is experienced in moving technology from the conceptual phase (in a lab) into fully functional, mature systems and adds valuable insights on new applications.

Dr. Kim has mentored 26 NASA interns from the undergraduate to post-doctoral level over 14 years. In the general fields of materials and optics, she has authored over 90 papers and book chapters including Nature Photonics articles. She has been awarded multiple patents for her research products. Dr. Kim has been recognized for her accomplishments in these fields via the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal, the NASA H.J.E. Reid Award, NASA Patent Awards, a AIAA National Section award, and more. []

Audience: Graduate  Post-Docs 

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