MSE Seminar Series: Jason R. Hattrick-Simpers

Friday, February 26, 2010
1:00 p.m.
Room 2108 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Bldg.
JoAnne Kagle

Development of a Combinatorial Characterization Scheme for High-throughput Investigations of Hydrogen Storage Materials

Presented by Jason R. Hattrick-Simpers

The search for hydrogen storage materials for mobile applications was reignited by the US Department of Energy in 1999, and saw a significant increase in funded research projects after the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Despite this surge in research, materials exhibiting the properties required for mobile applications are still lacking, and the compositional-processing phase space of hydride materials remains largely unexplored. This is because typical hydrogen storage experiments involve ball-milling of constituent phases to form a nano-scale catalyzed hydride, followed by time consuming single – sample pressure – composition isotherm measurements (PCI) to determine the new hydride’s properties. In order to reliably increase throughput of the search for hydrogen storage materials a complete characterization scheme must be developed to accurately measure the hydrogen storage properties of materials in quantities ranging from ~ 10 nanograms to 1 g. A discussion of the state of the art for hydrogen storage materials will be given, as well as the identification of areas of research that hold potential for producing materials relevant to applications. A brief overview will be given of the hydrogen storage screening scheme developed at NIST, which allows for the screening of hydrogen storage properties of materials from composition spread thin films to bulk powder arrays. Emphasis will be placed on the validation of in situ Raman spectroscopy as a semi-quantitative method for determining reaction pathways in the complicated multi-component nano Li4BN3H10 – MgH2 system. It will further be demonstrated that in situ Raman spectroscopy can be used to determine the temperature, pressure, time envelope for optimal performance of hydride materials.

This work was performed in collaboration with Leonid A. Bendersky, Chun Chiu, Sesha Srinivasan, Zhuopeng Tan, Ke Wang, Edwin J. Heilweil, and James E. Maslar

Audience: Graduate  Faculty  Post-Docs 

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