Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series: Yuri Dekhtyar

Friday, May 6, 2011
1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
Room 2108, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Bldg.
JoAnne Kagle

Prethreshold Electron Emission for Characterization on Targeting Applications of Nanoobjects

Yuri Dekhtyar
Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnologies Institute
Riga Technical University, Latvia

Any measured properties of the objects are available because of interaction between a measuring instrument and a tested entity. When nanoobjects are measured their properties could be altered, if the instrument touches the matter.Uncertainty of the knowledge about the object increases in this case. Soft, "non-disturbing" characterization of the nanoobjects is preferable for needs of nanotechnologies.

The nanoobject could be characterized with properties (energy, flow) of electrons escaped from the tested item. To reach a non "disturbing" mode, emission of the electrons should be induced when an external energy to emit the electron is not enough to influence molecular/atomic couples of the tested object. Such the approach corresponds to the prethreshold emission, a mean free path of the emitting electron suiting nanodimensions.

The prethreshold emission is considered both to characterize electrical charge of the nanoobjects (organic, inorganic, bio, size depended effects) surface, its stability and to be in use for their practical applications as chemical, biochemical censors, detectors of radiation.

Audience: Graduate  Faculty  Post-Docs 

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