MSE Seminar Series: Eckhard Quandt

Friday, April 25, 2014
1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
Room 2110 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
JoAnne Kagle
301 405 5240

Superelastic TiNi Thin Film Medical Implants
Eckhard Quandt
Professor and Chair, Inorganic Functional Materials
Institute for Materials Science
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Germany

Shape memory alloys based on binary equiatomic TiNi exhibits superelastic properties with superelastic strains larger than 8%, tensile strengths up to 1400 MPa, and breaking elongations up to 60%. Additionally, the material is known to reveal an excellent biocompatibility. Both features result in a high attractiveness for its use for medical implants and devices, as, e.g., for example stents. For further miniaturization of medical implant, e.g., for neurostents, thin film technology has gained increasing interest in comparison to traditional bulk fabrication routes.

This presentation will cover the fabrication of micropatterned freestanding TiNi thin films, will discuss the mechanical and the fatigue properties in comparison to traditional bulk TiNi, will show the new possible functionalities of thin film stents and will present a method to fabricate NiTi thin film leaflets for transcatheter aortic valve replacements.

Funding by the DFG (German Science Foundation) is gratefully acknowledged.

About the Speaker

Eckhard Quandt received his diploma in physics and his Dr.-Ing. at the Technical University Berlin in 1986 and 1990, respectively, working on solid state physics and electron microscopy.

Since 1991 he has worked on thin film smart materials and their applications at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (1991-1999) and at the Stiftung caesar (1999-2006).

For his research and development on this field he was awarded the "Georg-Sachs-Preis 1995" of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM).

From 2000 to 2006 he was a member of the "Faculty of Mechanical Engineering" at the University of Karlsruhe. Since December 2006 Eckhard Quandt is a full professor and holds the Chair for Inorganic Functional Materials within the Institute for Materials Science at the Faculty of Engineering. Since April 2014 he is Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

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