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MSE Seminar - Prof. John F. Rabolt, Univ. of Delaware
Friday, March 14, 2008
1:00 p.m.
Room 2108, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Bldg.
For More Information:
Annette Mateus
301 405 5207

"Structure/Processing/Property Relationships in Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers with Engineered Properties for Vascular Regeneration"

The engineering of small diameter (< 5mm inner diameter (ID)) vascular grafts that mimic the properties of natural blood vessels remains a formidable research and clinical challenge. There is a profound clinical need for small diameter tissue engineered blood vessels (TEBVs) to treat significant adult diseases, and true TEBVs would be uniquely suited for applications aimed at the repair of adult and pediatric cardiovascular defects. Ideally, the tissue engineering of blood vessels will provide for the necessary growth and remodeling of the vessel to assure long-term function while minimizing thrombogenesis and intimal hyperplasia. Tissue engineering approaches that can reproduce the essential physical, mechanical and biological functions of natural blood vessels will require substantial advances both in our understanding of the complex set of mechanical and biological properties of natural vessels and in the 3D fabrication technologies needed to mimic these properties while promoting the incorporation of engineered vessels into the host’s physiology. For example, control of polymer morphology, mechanical properties, extensibility, protein delivery, and blood/cellular interactions will all be required for the successful implementation of a small-diameter engineered blood vessel.

Recent progress towards the control of polymer chain orientation, crystal structure and morphology in electrospun fibers will be highlighted and the role of this structure/orientation in determining the properties of an ideal TEBV will be discussed.

For more information, contact Annette Mateus at (301) 405-5207 or

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