The Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series

Join us for the Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Series, which brings experts from around the country to campus to discuss their recent findings.  Everyone is welcome! 

MSE Fall seminars are held Fridays from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. in Room 2108, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building, unless otherwise noted.

Questions should be directed to Profs Ichiro Takeuchi or Luz Martinez-Miranda.  You can find all of these seminars, as well as others of potential interest, on our events calendar.

FALL 2018

August 31

Past and Future of Elastic Domains in Thermodynamics of Crystalline Materials
Alexander Roytburd
MSE Prof Emeritus, UMD

September 7

No Seminar - Faculty Meeting

September 14

Road to Ultra-low Switching Energy Memories to Artificial Neurons
T. Venky Venkatesan
Director of the Nano Institute
National University of Singapore
September 21

Materials Innovations for Emerging Energy Technologies
Liangbing Hu
Assoc Prof, Materials Science & Engineering, UMD

September 28

Computation Accelerated Design of Materials & Interfaces for Solid-State Batteries
Yifei Mo
Asst Prof, Materials Science & Engineering, UMD

October 5
LIGHT, MATERIALS, interACTION: An Overview of the Leite Lab
Marina Leite
Asst Prof, Materials Science & Engineering, UMD
October 12

Identifying individual molecules with single nanometer-scale pores
John Kasianowicz
Physical Scientist, NIST

October 19
Control of topological defects and particles in liquid crystals
Francesca Serra
Asst Prof, John Hopkins Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
October 26
A chemical perspective on the design of stable protein pharmaceuticals: polymers, particles and immunogenicity
Christian Schoneich
Prof and Chair, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of Kansas
November 2

2D Hexagonal Nanomaterials-based Liquid Crystals Devices
Rajratan Basu
Assoc Prof, Dept of Physics
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis

November 9

I Get Diversity, But What Is STEM?
Carlton E. Green, Ph.D.
Director of Diversity Training and Education
UMD Office of Diversity and Inclusion

November 16
Critical interfaces for the development of electrochemical biosensors
Joseph Robertson
Physical Scientist, NIST

November 23
No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday
November 30

Emerging materials, quantum transport & energy efficient computing: From Cool Science to Smart Technology
Avik Ghosh
Professor, ECE and Physics
University of Virginia

December 7
No Seminar - Faculty Meeting