The Department offers two separate options for earning a M.S. in materials science, which must be selected by the student prior to their first semester:

The Thesis Option requires the completion of a Master's Thesis in accordance with the rules of the Graduate School.

The Non-Thesis Option requires the completion of a scholarly paper. Students wishing to pursue a Masters degree without a thesis must register for ENMA 797 and submit a scholarly paper in the area of research he or she has been conducting at the University or place of employment. The demonstration of publishable quality may be shown by submission of the paper to a journal approved by the student's advisor, or by submission of the paper to the faculty member in charge of ENMA 797 during the semester the student is enrolled, or to the Chair of the Department. Students enrolled in the Ph.D. program may use the Dissertation Proposal in lieu of the required scholarly paper.
Effective January 2001, a Master's Comprehensive examination is no longer required.

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