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Sang Bok Lee Research Group

Principal Investigator: 
2112, 3113 and 3115 Chemistry Building

Professor Lee's expertise in nanomaterials synthesis and electrochemistry forms the foundation of his research program. The Lee Group is, in general, interested in the synthesis of 1-D nanotubular and nanowire structures with various materials, since the 1-D structure has many attributes that other nanostructures do not have. The group is also interested in application of these various 1-D naostructures in the biomedical, materials, and energy fields. Current research projects may be categorized into three major areas: (1) synthesis and characterization of nanotube structures with various electronic and/or electrochemical materials and their application to ultrafast electrochromic display and high-power energy storage devices, (2) synthesis and characterization of bio-nanotubes for biomedical applications such as targeted drug delivery and biosensors, and (3) investigation of fundamental physical and chemical properties of nanostructured  materials such as diffusion and reaction problems in a confined geometry of silica nanotube.