The ANSLab combines atomic layer deposition (ALD) and evaporation capabilities for materials synthesis, together with in-situ surface analysis and glove box facilities for battery assembly, test, and disassembly. It includes two commercial ALD systems, Ultratech Fiji's, each running both thermal and plasma ALD, accompanied by capability for metal and Li evaporation and ion bombardment. The ALD systems can also exploit in-situ, real-time sensing, both spectroscopic ellipsometry (Woollam M2000) of film growth and characterization, and mass spectroscopy (MKS Instruments) of desorbing reaction products. All these components are UHV-based and connected through load-locks, transfer chambers, and a glove box enabling electrochemical and other operations, all without contamination from atmospheric exposure. The Kratos surface analysis system provides XPS spectroscopy and imaging, UPS, scanning Auger mapping, and ion beam depth profiling.

While ANSLab supports an ongoing research program in energy storage and related areas, its facilities are made available to selected other groups and users under specific circumstances.We welcome discussions about possible collaborations consistent with the ongoing use of the lab, and in some cases where effort is modest we can also support some service work. Fees are generally consistent with NanoCenter fee structures and may include fees for staff assistance.


Gary Rubloff

Distinguished University Professor
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