Functional Macromolecular Laboratory


The Functional Macromolecular Laboratory, directed by Peter Kofinas and Robert Briber, focuses on the synthesis, characterization and processing of novel polymer-based nanostructured systems used in a variety of technological fields, ranging from medicine and pharmaceuticals to energy storage and microelectronics. The lab features a comprehensive set of characterization equipment for polymer mechanical, thermal, dielectric, conductive properties. Current projects include the design of polymers, hydrogels, and molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for use in blood-coagulation, intelligent food packaging capable of detecting pathogenic bacteria, hemodialysis, vaccine production, the selective binding of viruses and proteins, and electrolytes for flexible batteries and energy storage systems. Equipment includes a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) dielectric analyzer (DEA), ultraviolet/visible light spectrophotometer, gel permeation chromatography with light scattering (GPC), ultramicrotome with cryo capability, and frequency response analyzer (FRA).

Robert M. Briber

Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Initiatives
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Peter Kofinas

ChBE Professor and Chair
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