MSE at UMD's Partnerships with Industry

MSE faculty have strong interactions, collaboration, and support from industry, which are described briefly in the list below. These interactions add value to the ongoing research, providing important industrial perspective, additional research capabilities and skills, and financial support. They are equally valuable to students in providing a deeper appreciation of how industry R&D works, and of the role of research in an environment where technological capability, market demand, and timeliness are critical. These interactions often lead to internships, collaborations, and careers in industry.

Semiconductor Chip Manufacturers

IBM R. Briber and G. W. Rublofff - nanoporous low-K dielectrics for advanced interconnects
Texas Instruments G. W. Rubloff - in-situ, real-time chemical sensing for advanced process control
Motorola R. Ramesh - collaborations on high-K dielectrics and ferroelectrics
Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) G. S. Oehrlein - plasma processing and diagnostics
G. W. Rubloff - environmental impacts and optimization in semiconductor manufacturing
Semiconductor Industry Associates (SIA) G. W. Rubloff - Metrology Working Group for International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Sematech G. W. Rubloff - metrology for advanced process control under National Semiconductor Metrology Program at NIST
G. S. Oehrlein - plasma processing and diagnostics


Semiconductor Equipment

Ulvac G. W. Rubloff - donation of Ulvac ERA-1000 W CVD cluster tool
Lam Research G. S. Oehrlein - plasma process diagnostics
G. S. Oehrlein and G. W. Rubloff - donation of Lam Alliance cluster tool



AMP A. Christou - optical interconnects, photonic devices and processing
Opticom Corp. A. Christou - VCSEL's, device processing, FEM simulation
British Aerospace A. Christou - photonics, device simulation
Tycco A. Christou - microwave devices, compound semiconductors
Ciena A. Christou - photonics and optical interconnects
JDSU Corp. A. Christou - reliability and optical interconnects; solder reliability
Gould A. Christou - optical alignment and interconnects
Raytheon A. Christou - microwave devices and compound semiconductors


Analytical Instrumentation

Inficon G. W. Rubloff - in-situ, real-time chemical sensors for advanced process control in semiconductor manufacturing
G. S. Oehrlein - plasma diagnostics for semiconductor manufacturing



Northrop Grumman G. W. Rubloff  and R. Adomaitis (Chem Eng) - chemical sensing and simulation for GaN MOCVD growth for microelectronic applications