Laboratory for Radiation and Polymer Science


The Laboratory for Radiation and Polymer Science has pursued the chemistry and materials of the radiation processing industry since 1960. The Lab supports companies and government laboratories with radiation-related research and consulting services in three areas:

Applied radiation and physics of polymers: crosslinking scission, polymerization, and effects on reinforced and filled polymers. These include the development of products for ordinary commercial use (packaging materials, elastomers, membranes, textiles, etc.); and the degradation of insulating materials in space satellites and nuclear reactors;

Radiation sources technology, such as transport of high energy electrons in complex targets, dosimetry, and optimization studies; and

Fundamental aspects of radiation bearing on applied problems, such as radiation chemistry of crystalline alkane and semicrystalline polymers, initiation mechanisms of vinyl polymerization, and radiation effects on morphology and metrology of polymers.

Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

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