Materials Screening Laboratory

The Materials Screening Laboratory is home to our Lakeshore 7400 Series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), the most sensitive VSM available today. This VSM features a noise floor of 1 x 10-7 emu at 10 seconds/point sampling, 4 x 10-7 emu at 1 sec/pt. and 7.5 x 10-7 emu at 0.1 seconds/point. It can measure hysteresis M(H) loops and temperature dependent magnetic properties of all types of magnetic materials in bulk, powder, thin film, single crystal, and liquid form. Its temperature range capabilities include a cryostat option covering 8 K to 425 K with liquid helium or 80 K to 425 K with liquid Nitrogen; and an oven option covering 305 K to 1273 K. Variable gap magnets allow for field strength up to 2.3 Tesla and accommodation of large samples to 1".

Ichiro Takeuchi

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