If you include a committee member that is not of the Graduate Faculty, the form of Nomination of Graduate Faculty must be completed in consultation with your advisor and the department. This process can take at least six weeks for approval.

Students are to email the Program Director two weeks in advance to announce the dissertation defense. All items listed below are required for the announcement:

Defense Announcement for:

Yes, the Graduate School requires you to be registered for a course. Registration for ENMA899 must go through the Registrar’s Office which will be processed at the start of classes. The exception is if you want to register for ENMA899 during the summer. For summer registration, please contact summer-sched@umd.edu.

The Registrar's office will register you for the course prior to the start of classes.

Four steps must be taken to be advanced to Ph.D. candidacy:

  1. Passing the Qualifying Examination
  2. Completion of the four core courses with a minimum of 2 grades of A- or higher and 2 grades of B- or higher.
  3. The next steps are to select an advisor (if the student has not already done so), begin thesis research, and prepare for the Ph.D. Proposal Defense.
  4. Complete the application for Admission to Candidacy
  1. Consult with your faculty advisor about fall courses and/or permissions.
  2. Forward the Program Director the correspondence with your advisor approving the selected courses.
  3. Email should include the following information: name, UID, and term courses.
  4. Copy your advisor on the email.
  5. Please note, the hold will not be lifted or permission provided without the above information.

You must email the Professor teaching the course in question and ask for permission. If permission is granted, you can forward the email correspondence to nparker1@umd.edu.

You will need to speak with your advisor, inform the Business Office and Program Director. More information about the policy can be found here Complete the leave of absence form found here.  

You will need to speak with your advisor, inform the MSE Business Office and Program Director. Read more information about the policy found here and complete the Waiver of Continuous Registration. Please note: Doctoral Candidates are not eligible for this waiver.

Candidates View page two of the Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation form found here.

  1. Complete the Graduation Application. See link and click on "Graduation Application & Diploma Status".
  2. Email the Program Director one month in advance and inform her you will defend your Thesis/Dissertation and include the date of your defense. Copy your faculty advisor on the email.
  3. Bring the departmental Thesis/Dissertation Defense form on the day of the defense. Return the completed form with signatures to the Program Director.
  4. Bring the Report of Examining Committee form on the day of the defense. The Registrar’s office would have emailed you the form (after submission of the Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation Committee form). Return the completed form with signatures to the Program Director.
  5. Announcement regarding your Thesis/Dissertation Defense with the department should be emailed to the Program Director two weeks in advance. Email the Program Director with the following information: date, time, location, abstract, and committee members.
  6. Adhere to all deadlines.