5 Professors Named 2009 Research Leaders

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) professors Robert M. Briber, Alexander Roytburd, Gary Rubloff, Ichiro Takeuchi, and Manfred Wuttig were among a group university faculty recognized at the 11th Annual Research Leaders Luncheon for their efforts in bringing sponsored research dollars to campus.

Professor and Chair Robert M. Briber's research interests include the thermodynamics of complex polymer systems and structural solutions of novel molecules.

Professor Alexander Roytburd's research focuses on modulated structures in epitaxial layers and multilayer composites, formation and deformation of polydomain materials, and effect of interfaces on magnetic properties of oxide conductors.

Professor Gary Rubloff is involved in a variety of cross-disciplinary research programs covering semiconductor materials, processes and manufacturing; energy harvesting and storage solutions for solar and wind energy; biomaterials; and bioMEMS.

Professor Ichiro Takeuchi's research interests include combinatorial synthesis and characterization of novel electronic and smart materials, fabrication and characterization of novel thin-film multilayer devices, and scanning probe microscopy.

Professor Manfred Wuttig's focus areas include phase transformations, self-organized materials, magnetoelectrics, and nanomagnetism.

Congratulations to all of our Research Leaders!

Published October 15, 2009