Collaboration on Copolymers Between NIST and U-Md. in the News

A collaborative research project being conducted with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), IBM and the University of Maryland is being discussed on a variety science-, nanotechnology-, and semiconductor-oriented news web sites, including and Science Daily.

The work involves the use of block copolymers to form arrays and patterns that can used as the basis for electronic components and potentially store terabytes of memory in an area roughly the size of today's USB memory sticks. It is believed that novel materials like these will be the basis of the next generation of smaller, faster electronics.

The team has made progress in how to control the block copolymers' self-assembly, so they produce consistent, aligned and well-formed nanostructures with particular qualities; and in creating vertical nanostructures.

Sangcheol Kim, a UMD postdoctoral research associate with Prof. Robert M. Briber (MSE) works at NIST with co-authors R. Jones (NIST), K. Yager (NIST), X. Zhang (NIST), A. Karim (NIST) and H. Kim (IBM).

For More Information:

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Published March 19, 2008