MSE Senior Delaney Jordan to Compete in 'Team Ninja Warrior'

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University of Maryland students Marcos Colon-Pappaterra (left), Kevin Merrick (middle) and Delaney Jordan (right) will compete in "Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness," which premieres Nov. 22.

Three UMD students, including MSE's Delaney Jordan, will compete in NBC's new show, "Team Ninja Warrior: College Edition," a spin-off of the popular "American Ninja Warrior."

In an Inside Science article announcing the episode, Delaney said, "I am always thinking about physics... gravity is always in the same place, so think about where you are and where you are throwing your arms and throwing your legs. Creating the right forces can save a competitor from falling off an obstacle," she said. 

To read the entire article and see the interviews, please follow this link: "Engineering Their Way to American Ninja Warrior Success." 

This episode is set to air in December, 2016.

Published December 1, 2016