Phaneuf Group Presents at American Physical Society Meeting

Graduate student Shu-Ju (Phoebe) Tsai gave a talk titled "The Influence of Local Field and Particle Plasmon on Fluorescence Enhancement from Spherical Nano-silver Particles" in the "Plasmons, Nanoholes, Arrays and Structured Surfaces" focus session at the American Physical Society March Meeting in Denver, Co. As part of her thesis work, carried out in the research group of Professor Ray Phaneuf, she found that a simple resonant coupling to particle plasmons is insufficient to understand the particle size dependence of fluorescence enhancement; locally intense electric fields, which are strongly perturbed by the substrate play a large role.

A second member of Phaneuf's group, Shy-Hauh (Sherman) Guo, gave a talk in the same session on coupling of plasmons in Ag grooved structures to an underlying Ag film. Guo found an oscillation in which light polarization shows the stronger enhancement as the thickness of an oxide spacer layer is varied.

Recent Ph.D. recipient and former Phaneuf group member Tabassom Tadayyon-Eslami gave a talk in the focus session on "Kinetics of Self-Assembly at Surfaces," titled "Atom-Scale Mechanisms for Unstable Growth on Patterned GaAs(001)," which was the topic of her thesis research. Phaneuf, her advisor, chaired the session.

Research Scientist Hung-Chih Kan spoke on the "Evolution of patterned step structure on vicinal Si(111) surface during high temperature annealing," describing numerical modeling of the directed self-organization experiments that graduate student Taesoon Kwon is carrying out as part of her research in Phaneuf's group.

The abstracts for these and other talks at the APS March meeting are available at

Published April 2, 2007