2018 MSE Capstone Students Offer Designs from Concept to Product

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MSE 2018 Capstone group, May 18, 2018.

Materials Science and Engineering majors are required to take ENMA 490 - taught by MSE Professor and Chair Raymond Phaneuf - prior to graduation. This Capstone Design course places seniors in teams where they utilize what they have learned throughout their undergraduate studies to create their own engineering designs from concept to product. The goal is to offer solutions to contemporary engineering problems achieved by analysis, opening the door to creativity, innovation and team building.

This year's five teams gave presentations on their projects on May 18. The team members and project titles are as follows:

1. Enhanced Tool Steel with Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond
Team members: Jason Fleischer, Erik Mayer, Alvin Like and Elyas Yousufzai

2. Design of a Double Pane Transparent Wood Window
Team members: Kailey Stracka, Robin Sultan, Miriam Silton, Alan Murphy and Liqi Zhu. 

3. Applying Sharklet Technologies to Shrinkable Films
Team members: Jeremy Cade, Alex Lees, Alexandra Murphy, Alice Tsao and Luke Savage

4. Compressible Nanoporous Holey Graphene for Catalytic Conversion Applications
Team members: Evan Winter, Dylan Kirsch, Allison Orr, Joseph Morgenstern and Spencer Kronthal

5. Ag-Cu Alloys for Plasmonic Solar Cell Enhancements
Team members: Alex Epstein, John Hayden, Steven Hong, Alan Kaplan, Seyeon Kim and Nicole Nodar

For more information, please follow this link to the capstone design page.

Published May 29, 2018