65th Annual Physical Electronic Conference

Taesoon Kwon and Tabassom Tadayyon-Eslami, both MSE graduate students working in Professor Raymond Phaneuf’s research group, participated in the 65th Annual Physical Electronics Conference, held at the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, Wisconsin from June 20-22, 2005. Taesoon gave a talk on her work investigating "The Evolution of Roughness and Pattern Formation during Reactive Ion Etching of Nanoporous Silica", which Prof. Phaneuf is carrying out in collaboration with Professor Gottlieb Oehrlein. Tabassom presented a poster on her work investigating "The Temperature Dependence of Transient Growth Instabilities on Patterned GaAs(001)". Professor Phaneuf is a member of the general organizing committee for the conference.

Published February 27, 2006