MSE in Annual Invention Competition

Professors and students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) were among the inventors competing for the top prizes at this year's Invention of the Year Awards, presented by the university's Office of Technology and Commercialization.

Professor Sreeremamurthy Ankem was a finalist the Physical Sciences category for his invention, "Microporous Bone-Implant Joints." (See related story.)

Professor Gary Rubloff, MSE graduate student Susan Buckout-White (advised by Rubloff), Professor William Bentley (Fischell Department of Bioengineering), bioengineering graduate student Xiaolong Lu (also advised by Rubloff), and electrical and computer engineering graduate student Dean Berlin entered their invention, an "Active Membrane Formed by pH Gradient in Microfluidics" in the Life Science category. Last year, another of Rubloff's teams reached the competition's finals. (See related story.)

Professor Manfred Wuttig and MSE graduate student Shenqiang Ren entered their invention, a "Diblockcopolymer Based Multiferroic," in the Physical Science category.

Professor Mohamad Al-Sheikhly, MSE graduate student Richard Livingston, and Jeffrey Schweitzer entered their invention, a "Position Annihilation Lifetime Sprectroscopy Imaging System for Fatigue State Detection in Metals," in the Physical Science category.

Published April 8, 2009