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Banerjee Earns Patent for Magnetic/Flash Hybrid RAM

Banerjee Earns Patent for Magnetic/Flash Hybrid RAM

Parag Banerjee.
Parag Banerjee.

MSE Graduate Student Parag Banerjee, advised by MSE professor and Maryland NanoCenter director Gary Rubloff, has earned a patent for a semiconductor magnetic memory product he developed for Micron Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of memory and other components for a variety of electronic devices.

Banerjee's invention is a memory cell hybrid of magnetic RAM (MRAM) and flash memory cells. He structured the new memory in a way that made the read and write actions of the memory cell independent from each other, allowing the write action to be only nanoseconds long, and the still transistor-based read action a couple of microseconds long. "Think an iPod with very high read and write speeds!" he explains.

Banerjee is currently working on other new energy harvesting and storage solutions, including solar, at the Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP).

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November 15, 2008

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