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Koeth, Timothy W.

Koeth, Timothy W.

Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Institute for Research in Electronics & Applied Physics
Room 2303 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building


Ph.D., Rutgers University, 2009.



Richard J. Plano Dissertation Award, [Best Annual Rutgers Physics Ph.D.], April 2010



Washington Post Magazine, “Accelerated Learning,” Sept 11, 2016 

Nuclear News  “ ‘New’ Fuel for University of Maryland Research ReactorJune 2017

• Department of Energy's announcement of "UMD's New Used Fuel"

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Physics Today, featured in BackScatter column, April, 2011

symmetrybreaking article on the “Physics of Scotch Tape,” January 2011

symmetry magazine article on the "DIY Cyclotron," August 2010, featured Small Cyclotron Conference

Make Magazine article, April 2005, reporting on personally built cyclotron

• Physics Today "Building a Cyclotron on a Shoestring" November 2004, feautured personally built cyclotron


I have a background in intense electron and ion beam accelerators and their associated beam optics. I now am applying the use of the machines for novel energy storage materials devices.

Radiation damage studies in quartz Cerenkov radiators for CMS Heavy Ion experiments. 

The SIR (Small Isochronous Ring) is a low-energy ion storage ring that has been brought to UMD from MSU during the summer of 2019.  Koeth and his team will use this ring to study the storage of intense ion beams as well as undergraduate education.

Cyclotron Project:  For more than two decades Tim Koeth has been involved in an ongoing cyclotron project that has evolved into a one of a kind instructional accelerator program. Initially started in his parents basement in the 1990s, moved to Rutgers University in 2000, and recently (2016) moved to UMD where it is the centerpiece of a Capstone Design class.  For more information about the cyclotron please go to the cyclotron website.

Betatron Project: Tim Koeth is revisiting an old concept with new techniques: the Plasma Betatron.  The concept of the betatron (or electron induction accelerator) was invented by Don Kerst in 1941.  Koeth is designing a varient that utilizes a pinched plasma to seed the electron beam.  This will generate an intense electron beam of tunable energy from which to generate high-energy broad-band photon (bremstraughlung) source  

UMER Non-linear Optics Project: more to come





  • UMD HONR298J A Century of Smashing Atoms - an honors seminar where the genius of discovery is explored in the history of particle accelerators, 3cr, Spring 2019
  • UMD ENMA422, Radiation Effects of Materials, 3cr, Fall 2017
  • UMD EENE408T/PHYS499T/MSE489T Accelerator Physics - Capstone Design Project, 3cr, Spring 2016/2017/2018/…
  • UMD ENME432, Reactor and Radiation Measurements Laboratory, 3cr Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017




Planned USPAS courses :

Radiation & Matter in Accelerator Environments – Summer 2019

Cyclotrons and Their Design – Summer 2020

Waveguide Based Microwave Measurements – Summer 2021



For a complete list of publications, please visit my CV

  • “Quasi-Integrable Optics for a Small Electron Recirculator,” K. Ruisard, H. B. Komkov, B. Beaudoin, I. Haber, D. Matthew, T. W. Koeth, Submitted Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, November 2018
  • “Quadrupolar mode measurements for space charge dominated beams,” William D. Stem, Brian L. Beaudoin, Irving Haber, and Timothy W Koeth, Physics of Plasmas, Accepted April 23, 2018
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  • “Demonstration of Neutron Detection Utilizing open Cell Foam and Noble Gas Scintillation,” C.M Lavelle, M. Coplan, E.C. Miller, A.K. Thompson, A.L. Kowler, R.E. Vest, A.T. Yue, T. W. Koeth, M. Al-Sheikhly, C.W. Clark, Applied Physics Letters, 106, 094103 (2015)
  • Invited: “Undergraduate Education with the Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron,” Timothy W. Koeth, CAARI2014, Physics Procedia, Volume 66, June 2015, Pages 622-631, http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1875389215002369
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