Ion Storage Ring Makes it's Way to MSE

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Image:  Small Isochronous Ring (SIR)

Michigan State University's Facility for Rare Isotope Beams has agreed to loan the UMD Department of Material Science and Engineering (MSE) a small circular ion-storage ring, which will be used in MSE Associate Research Professor Tim Koeth's investigation of 7Be – a radioactive isotope of beryllium naturally occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere and surface.

Initially, this ring – roughly 4 feet in diameter, built up by a sequence of magnets – will be configured to capture and store 7Be to intense levels for the study of its interaction with materials for space application. Koeth's program – now in its 3rd year – is supported by Lockheed Martin's Office of the Chief Scientist. The ring components are expected to arrive early summer with first operations anticipated before the fall semester.

Scott Moroch, a physics student with a research appointment in MSE, is assisting Professor Koeth on this project.

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Published April 2, 2019