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Zhang, Xin

Zhang, Xin

Assistant Research Scientist
Materials Science and Engineering

LEGOLAS participates at U.S. Senate Robotics Showcase on Capitol Hill

UMD engineers demonstrate their autonomous robot science kit

Groundbreaking Plasma Innovation Shines as Invention of the Year

Maryland Engineers Take Home Top Prize at 2024 Innovate Maryland

Selected Publications from NanoCenter's AIM Lab and FabLab

Highlighting recent research performed at the NanoCenter AIM Lab and FabLab.

Simple and robust models of diffusion coefficients developed for metals and alloys

Diffusion coefficients are employed to mathematically describe the complex diffusion process, especially in solids.

MSE Research Team Wins Seed Grant Funding for Novel Sensor Technology

Drs. Oded Rabin, Robert Briber and Xin Zhang will utilize funding to develop fiber-optic sensor.

Alumnus’ Self-Healing Catalyst Featured in Chemical & Engineering News

Hattrick-Simpers reports new strategy for preventing oxidation and waste.

Jones, Syed Win NIST-ARRA Fellowships

Undergraduates conducting research at NIST's Material Measurement Lab.

Space Helps Nanofiller Keep Flames at Bay

Kashiwagi, Zhang part of NIST/UMD team seeking to improve fire retardant material.

Jones Wins TMS Scholarship

Materials society invites undergraduate to national meeting to receive award.

Polymer Symposium Showcases Student Research

Event promotes interaction between research groups.