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Chen, Chaoji

Chen, Chaoji

Post-Doc Research Scientist
Materials Science and Engineering

Could Nanocellulose Save Us?

The building blocks of plants may taper our dependency on fossil fuels.

Natural Patterns of Wood Shine Through in 'Aesthetic Wood'

Glass-like wood insulates heat, is tough, blocks UV and has wood-grain pattern

Thin Wood Film Amplifies Speaker Technology

UMD study published in Nature Communications.

Hu Research Group Wins Invention of the Year Award

Hu and Li were honored for their high performance graphite-paper composites.

Solar evaporator offers a fresh route to fresh water

A self-cleaning device made of wood aims to make small-scale desalination more practical.

Liangbing Hu Nominated for Invention of the Year Award

Winner will be announced at the 2019 Innovate Maryland event on April 11.

Durable Wood Carbon Sponge Could Be the Future of Wearable Sensors, Pollutant Treatment

Research, led by MSE Professor Liangbing Hu, published in Chem.

Wood Provides a Spongy, Eco-Friendly Replacement for Synthetic Materials

Liangbing Hu’s research group develops wood-based aerogel, published in ACS Nano.

MSE Researchers Interviewed by Voice of America

Scientists in Liangbing Hu's research group explain novel uses of wood.

A peek under a hybrid’s hood reveals wood?

Engineers at UMD make all-wood supercapacitor