Faculty Directory

Leite, Marina S.

Leite, Marina S.

Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering



Ph.D., Physics Institute, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil, 2008




  •  APS Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship  ($ 15,000), 2016/2017
  • UMD Research and Scholarship Award  (RASA), November 2015
  • ​Maryland Academy of Sciences Outstanding Young Scientist Award, November 2014
  • Honor Award for 2007-2009 Ph.D. Theses in Physics. Brazilian Physical Society, July 2010
  • IUPAP Young Author Best Paper Award on the 28th ICPS, Vienna, July 2008
  • Young Investigator Award of the Summer School on Modern Concepts for Creating and Analyzing Surfaces and Nanoscale Materials, Girona, Spain, May 2008




  • Materials Research Society, 2004–present
  • American Physical Society, 2008–present
  • IEEE Association, 2009–present
  • SPIE 2009–present


Solid-state physics, electronic devices, nanoscale resolution measurements, photovoltaics, energy storage, scanning probe microscopy, nanostructured materials, plasmonics, metamaterials, thermodynamics at the nanoscale, nanofabrication.

Professor Leite teaches or has taught the following courses:

  • ENMA 301: Materials for emerging technologies 
  • ENMA 310: Materials Lab I: Structural Characterization
  • ENMA 312: Experimental Methods in Materials Science
  • ENMA 412/612: Fundamentals of Solar Cells
  • ENMA 688: Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering

  • E. M. Tennyson*, J. A. Frantz, J. D. Myers, R. Y. Bekele, S.-M. Na, M.S. Leite. Photovoltage Tomography in Polycrystalline Solar Cells. ACS Energy Letters 1, 899 (2016).
  • C. Gong*, M. R. Dias*, G. Wessler*, J. Taillon, L. Salamanca-Riba, M.S. Leite. Near-Field Optical Properties of Fully Alloyed Noble Metal Nanoparticles. Adv. Optical Materials  (2016) DOI: 10.1002/adom.201600568.
  • C. Gong*, M.S. Leite. Noble Metal Alloys for Plasmonics. ACS Photonics 3, 507 (2016). Cover story.
  • A. Yulaev*, G. Cheng, A. R. H. Walker, I. V. Vlassiouk, A. Myers, M. S. Leite, and A. Kolmakov. Toward Clean Suspended CVD Graphene. RCS Advances 6, 83954 (2016).
  • D. Ha, C. Gong*, M.S. Leite, J. N. Munday. Dielectric Micro-Resonator Arrays for Advanced Anti-Reflection Coatings . ACS Appl. Materials and Interfaces 8, 24536 (2016).
  • E. M. Tennyson*, J. L. Garrett, C. Gong, J. A. Frantz, J. D. Myers, R. Y. Bekele, J. S. Sanghera, J. N. Munday, M.S. Leite. Nanoimaging of Open-Circuit Voltage in Photovoltaic Devices. Adv. Energy Materials 5, 1501142 (2015). Cover story.
  • C. Gong*, D. Ruzmetov, A. Pearse, D. Ma, J. N. Munday, G. Rubloff, A. A. Talin, and M.S. Leite. Surface/Interface Effects on High-Performance Thin-Film All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries . ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7, 26007 (2015). Cove story.
  • E. M. Tennyson*, M. S. Leite. Mapping the performance of solar cells with nanoscale resolution . SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.1201509.006097 (2015).
  • M.S. Leite, M. Abashin, H. J. Lezec, A. Gianfrancesco*, A. A. Talin, and N. B. Zhitenev. Nanoscale Imaging of Photocurrent and Efficiency in CdTe Solar Cells . ACS Nano 8, 11883 (2014).
  • M.S. Leite, D. Ruzmetov, Z. Li, L. Bendersky, A. Kolmakov, N. Bartelt, and A. Alec Talin. Insights From In-Situ Electron Microscopy into Capacity Loss Mechanisms in Li-Ion Batteries with Al Anodes . J. Materials Chem. A 2, 20552 (2014). Cover story.
  • M.S. Leite, M. Abashin, H. Lezec, A. Gianfrancesco, A. Talin, and N. Zhitenev. Mapping the Local Photo-Electronic Properties of Polycrystalline Solar Cells through Laser-Beam-Induced Current Microscopy. IEEE J. of Photovoltaics 4, 311 (2014).
  • M. S. Leite, R. L. Woo, J. N. Munday, W. D. Hong, S. Mesropian, D. C. Law, and H. A. Atwater. Towards an all Lattice-Matched Triple-Junction Solar Cell with Efficiency >50%. Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 033901 (2013). Cover Story.
  • M. S. Leite, M. Abashin, H. J. Lezec, A. Gianfrancesco, A. A. Talin, and N. B. Zhitenev. Mapping the Local Photo-Electronic Properties of Polycrystalline Solar Cells through Laser-Beam-Induced Current Microscopy. Submitted.
  • M. S. Leite, D. Ruzmetov, Z. Li, L. Bendersky, and A. Alec Talin. Dynamics of Al anode degradation in solid- state thin film batteries. In preparation.
  • H. P. Yoon, P. M. Haney, D. Ruzmetov, H. Xu, M. S. Leite, B. H. Hamadani, A. A. Talin, and N. B. Zhitenev. Local Electrical Characterizations of Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells Using Low Energy Electron Beam. In review.
  • M. S. Leite, T. I. Kamins, R. Stanley Williams, and G. Medeiros-Ribeiro. Intermixing During Ripening in Ge-Si Incoherent Epitaxial Nanocrystals. J. Phys. Chem. C. 116, 901 (2012).
  • M. S. Leite, E. C. Warmann, G. M. Kimball, Stanley P. Burgos, D. M. Callahan, and H. A. Atwater. Wafer-Scale Strain Engineering of Ultrathin Semiconductor Crystalline Layers. Adv. Materials 23, 3801 (2011).
  • M. S. Leite, R. L. Woo, W. D. Hong, D. C. Law, and H. A. Atwater. Wide Band Gap InAlAs Solar Cell for an Alternative Multijunction Approach. Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 093502 (2011) Cover Story.
  • L. A. Montoro, M. S. Leite, V. L. Pimentel, L. A. Montoro, A. J. Ramirez, and G. Medeiros-Ribeiro. Revealing Quantitative 3D Chemical Arrangement on Ge-Si Nanostructures. J. Phys. Chem. C. 113, 9018 (2009).
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  • M. S. Leite, A. Malachias, S. W. Kycia, T. I. Kamins, R. Stanley Williams, G. Medeiros-Ribeiro. Evolution of Thermodynamic Potentials in Closed and Open Nanocrystalline Systems: Ge-Si:Si(001) Islands. Phys. Rev Lett. 100, 226101 (2008).
  • M. S. Leite, G. Medeiros-Ribeiro, T. I. Kamins, and R. Stanley Williams. Alloying Mechanisms for Epitaxial Nanocrystals. Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 165901 (2007).
  • M. S. Leite, J. L. Gray, R. Hull, J. A. Floro, R. Magalhães-Paniago, and G. Medeiros-Ribeiro. X-Ray Diffraction Mapping of Strain Fields and Chemical Composition of SiGe:Si(001) Quantum Dot Molecules. Phys. Rev. B. Rap. Comm. 73, 121308 (2006).
  • M. S. Leite, V. Rodrigues, and D. Zanchet. Structural Effects on Au and Ag Colloidal Nanoparticles. Progress in Colloids and Polymer Science, 128 131 (2004).

Selected Publications from NanoCenter's AIM Lab and FabLab

Highlighting recent research performed at the NanoCenter AIM Lab and FabLab.

MSE Ph.D. Student Sabrina Curtis Invited to Attend 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Meeting scheduled to take place June 28 - July3, 2020, in Lindau, Germany.

Hu, Leite and Mo Promoted

MSE professors honored at the 2019 Engineering Assembly.

MSE Students Thomas Farinha and Dylan Kirsch Honored at Clark Fellowship Reception

Both students are 2018 A. James Clark Fellowship recipients.

Biodegradable Color Pixels that Disappear Completely

Leite research group featured on ACS Photonics cover.

Marina Leite to Give a Plenary Talk at International Conference in Belgium

Dr. Leite will speak on Nanoscale Imaging of Materials for Energy Applications August 22.

Research Team Defines the Perovskite ‘Humidity Loop’

Study published in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

MSE's Elizabeth Tennyson is 2018 Student Speaker at Clark School Graduate Commencement Ceremony

The ceremony will be held on Monday, May 21, in the Xfinity Center.

Four Clark School Professors Receive Competitive DURIP Grants

DURIP supports university research in technical areas of interest to the Department of Defense.

UMD Students Receive 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Fellows, advised by Marina Leite and Peter Kofinas, will receive $34k each over a 3-year period.

Leite Group Creates Nano-sized Super-absorber, Published in Advanced Optical Materials

Such nanoscale devices could be used on sensors, photo-detectors, optical filters and radar technologies.

Leite Research Group’s Invited Review Published in ACS Energy

Nanoscale imaging required for next gen energy harvesting and storage systems.

UMD/MSE Graduate Student is an MRS Graduate Student Award Finalist This Fall

Elizabeth Tennyson, graduate student in MSE and IREAP, will present her award winning research at the 2017 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting.

MSE Research Group’s Invited Perspective Published in ACS Energy Letters

Marina Leite and her team offer insight into the future of solar cell technology.

MSE Graduate Student Receives All-S.T.A.R. Fellowship

Elizabeth Tennyson will use the award to continue her research on nanoscale imaging of solar cell materials.

MSE Undergraduate Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Zinab Jadidi hopes to inspire other young women to pursue a STEM education.

MSE Student Receives Wells Fellowship

MSE Ph.D. Student, Chen Gong, is one of three students to receive the 2017 Harry K. Wells Graduate Fellowships from the Clark School of Engineering.

Sunbeams at the Nano-scale: the Next Generation of Solar Cells

Marina Leite and her team of researchers tackle hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites based on methylammonium lead.

MSE Professor Honored at APS Annual Meeting

Assistant Professor Marina Leite receives APS Fellowship.

Prof. Leite research featured on cover of Advanced Optical Materials

Prof. Leite research featured on cover of Advanced Optical Materials

Prof. Leite Awarded APS Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship

Prof. Marina Leite recieves this year’s Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship from the American Physical Society.

Scientists blend coinage metals to obtain alloys better than gold

Scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD) have developed a novel method for altering the light reflected or absorbed by a material by match-making combinations of gold, silver, and copper into various mixtures of metals, or alloys.

Garrett Wessler Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

UMD undergraduate student one of 2,000 award recipients for the 2016 competition.

Diagnosing Better Efficiencies for Solar Cells

New UMD imaging technique could yield more efficient solar cells

New efficiencies in solar cells on the horizon

Leite labdevelops new diagnostic imaging technique for solar cell efficiencies

Chang Wins Outstanding ASPIRE Research Award

MSE senior recognized for work toward improving efficiency and lowering the cost of solar cells.

Bailey Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Four materials science students receive Honorable Mentions.

2014-2015 MSE Undergraduate Awards

Exceptional students recognized at annual ceremony.

NIST Highlights Leite’s “Battery Perimortems"

New imaging technique explains why aluminum anodes fail.

Understanding Battery Failure in Realtime, at the Nanoscale

Microscopy technique reveals why and how aluminum anodes fail in Li-ion batteries.

Hu, Leite Named Outstanding Engineer and Scientist of the Year (VIDEO)

Materials Science professors receive awards from the Md. Academy of Sciences and Md. Science Center.

ASPIRE Award Supports Undergrad’s Solar Cell Research

Allen Chang is developing alloyed nanoparticles designed to boost performance, reduce costs.

Undergrad Among First to Map Solar Cell Parameters at Sub-Micron Resolution

Bailey receives second SEEDS Fellowship, will conduct work in Leite Lab.

Understanding Where Something Isn't for Better Solar Cells

Tennyson Wins IEEE Photovoltaic Poster Award for new exploration of grain interfaces.

MSE Senior Named Merrill Presidential Scholar

Eric Bailey recognized as one of the University of Maryland’s top seniors.

Leite, Mo Join MSE Faculty

Professors specialize in physical and computational materials science for sustainable energy applications.