Mohamad Al-Sheikhly
1106 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5214 | mohamad@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Polymers, biomaterials, radiation engineering, nuclear engineering, environmental effects.

Sreeramamurthy Ankem
Fellow, ASM
1105 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5219 | ankem@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Physical and mechanical behavior of titanium alloys, stainless steels, and other structural materials, modeling microstructure evolution in multiphase systems, finite element modeling (FEM) of deformation and damping behavior of composite materials, biomedical implants.

Briber, Robert M.
Associate Dean for Research, A. James Clark School of Engineering
Fellow, APS; Fellow, NSSA
1109 Chemical and Nuclear Eng. Bldg. / 3110B Kim Eng. Bldg.
301-405-7313 | rbriber@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

X-ray and neutron scattering, thermodynamics, structure of polymers.

Aris Christou
Director, Graduate Program in Reliability Engineering
Fellow, IEEE
2309A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5208 | christou@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Radiation effects in microelectronics, radiation hard design methodologies and physics of failure of compound semiconductors in space applications. Materials degradation, radiation induced defects in metals, corrosion and high pressure induced transformations in steels and iron alloys.

John Cumings
Associate Professor
Keystone Professor
1246 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-0789 | cumings@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Nanoelectronics and nanodevices, electron microscopy.

Liangbing Hu
Associate Professor
1208 Engineering Lab Building
301-405-9303 | binghu@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Nanomaterials and nanostructures; energy storage: battery, supercapacitors for various applications; energy conversion: solar cells, solar fuel, transparent electrode, light-trapping; printed electronics including nano-ink, roll-to-roll printing, flexible electronics (display, touch screen, energy), and wearable devices.

Leite, Marina S.
Assistant Professor
2123 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-0231 | mleite@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Solid-state physics, electronic devices, nanoscale resolution measurements, photovoltaics, energy storage, scanning probe microscopy, nanostructured materials, plasmonics, metamaterials, thermodynamics at the nanoscale, nanofabrication.

Isabel Lloyd
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director & Sloan Scholars Advisor
RET Program Director
Director, Sloan Legacy MPHD Network in Engineering
Keystone Professor
Fellow, ACERS
2309 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5221 | illoyd@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Ceramic-filled composites for dental applications, biomaterials, ceramics for sensor systems, and undergraduate STEM education.

Luz Martinez-Miranda
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Advisor and Sloan Scholars Advisor
Fellow, AAAS and APS
1110D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-0253 | ljmm@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Liquid Crystals for biological studies and general engineering applications (e.g., displays), X-ray scattering techniques of liquid crystal and other materials.

Mo, Yifei
Assistant Professor
1137 Engineering Laboratory Building
301-405-7613 | yfmo@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Computational materials design, large-scale atomistic modeling, coupling between surfaces/interfaces/nanostructures and materials properties, and materials for energy storage and  conversion.

Gottlieb Oehrlein
Fellow, AVS and IUPAC
2119 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-8931 | oehrlein@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Applications of low-temperature plasma science and technology to materials processing, surface chemistry and physics of thin film growth, etching and modification, plasma-surface and plasma-polymer interactions, in-situ plasma and surface diagnostics, physics and chemistry of ion-induced surface processes and of imaging and templating materials, nanoscale structure and device fabrication and characterization, surface and bulk defects of materials.

Ray Phaneuf
Professor and Interim Chair
2141 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-6566 | phaneuf@lps.umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Nanotechnology, surface physics, low energy electron microscopy, photoemission electron microscopy, scanned probe microscopies, templating for directed self-assembly.

Oded Rabin
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Advisor
1110B Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-3382 | oded@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Synthesis and physical properties of nanowires and porous thin films, electrical and thermal transport in low dimensional systems, nanoporous membranes, interfacial nanoscience (including organic-inorganic systems, Ccntrolled assembly, scattering, and surface plasmons), thermal and electrical transport, applications in sensing, microfluidics, and chromatography.

Gary Rubloff
Minta Martin Professor of Engineering
Affiliate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Fellow, APS and AVS
1128 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-3011 | rubloff@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Multifunctional nanostructures for energy storage and capture, biofabrication in MEMS microsystems, biomedical and sensor applications, atomic layer deposition (ALD) process, mechanisms, and technology, nanoscale devices for quantum computing.

Lourdes Salamanca-Riba
ADVANCE Professor
1244 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-5220 | riba@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Nanocomposites of ferroelectric-/-magnetic oxides, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), metals containing nano-carbon structures called Covetics; 4H SiC based MOSFETS for high temperature, high power applications, transmission electron microscopy of semiconductor nanowires, optical properties of materials, hybrid phtovoltaic nanocompostites.

Ichiro Takeuchi
Graduate Program Director
Distinguished Scholar-Teacher
Fellow, APS
1242 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-6809 | takeuchi@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Applications of combinatorial synthesis and characterization methodology to electronic, magnetic and smart materials; fabrication and characterization of novel multilayer thin-film devices; variable temperature scanning probe microscopes.

Eric Wachsman
Professor & William L. Crentz Centennial Chair in Energy Research
Director, Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Vice President of ECS
1206A Engineering Lab Building
301-405-8193 | ewach@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation membranes, solid-state gas sensors, electrocatalytic conversion of CH4, post-combustion reduction of NOx using advanced ion conducting materials.

Wuttig, Manfred
1110C Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5212 | wuttig@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Phase transformations, self-organized materials, magnetoelectrics, nanomagnetism.

Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Maryland (2004)
M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Maryland (2002)
B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China (1999)

4418 Stadium Drive, College Park
B.S. in Physics and B.S. in Mathematics, Rowan University (2002)
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, UMD (2007)
superjae@umd.edu | 301-975-6976

Ph.D., Kansas State University, 2002

4418 Stadium Drive, 1103 Chem/Nuc Bldg, College Park
aldop@umd.edu | 301-405-0977 | Fax: 301-405-6327
Helim Aranda-Espinoza
Aranda-Espinoza, Helim
Associate Professor
3138 Kim Engineering Building
301-405-8250 | helim@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Chemical and biological engineering, soft condensed matter, biomechanics and biopolymers.

Bryan W. Eichhorn
Eichhorn, Bryan
4102 Chemistry Building
301-405-1864 | eichhorn@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Materials chemistry, materials synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis, fuel cells, transition metal main group clusters (Zintl ions), NMR spectroscopy, crystallography.

Fisher, John
Affiliate Professor
Professor & Chair, Fischell Dept. of Engineering
Director, NIH Center for Engineering Complex Tissues
4102 A. James Clark Hall
301-405-7475 | jpfisher@umd.edu
Flatau, Alison
Professor, Associate Chair
Graduate Studies Director
3184 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-1131 | aflatau@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Magnetostrictive materials and transduction, nanotechnology sensors, synthetic jet actuators, active flow control.

Reza Ghodssi
Ghodssi, Reza
Herbert Rabin Distinguished Chair in Engineering
Director, Institute for Systems Research
2236 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-8158 | ghodssi@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Design and development of microfabrication technologies and their applications to micro/nano devices and systems for chemical and biological sensing, small-scale energy conversion and harvesting.

Kofinas, Peter
Professor, ChBE Chair
2113D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-7335 | kofinas@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Functional polymer-based technologies for medical devices, biosensors, batteries and radio frequency devices.

Sang Bok Lee
Lee, Sang Bok
Associate Professor
0107 Chemistry Building
301-405-7906 | slee@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Electrochemical synthesis of nanotube-structured materials for ultrafast electrochromics, supercapacitors, and solar cells; magnetic nanotubes for targeted drug delivery and chemical/biochemical separation; shape-coded nanotubes for dispersible nanosensors; properties of pseudo-1-dimensional silica nanotubes; chemical and biochemical sensors.

Nie, Zhihong
Associate Professor
3218 Chemistry Building
301-405-1874 | znie@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Molecular and colloidal self-assembly, microfluidics and microreactors, soft nanotechnology, nanoscience and nanochemistry, plasmonics and metamaterials, biomedicine and medical diagnostics, biomineralization and bioinspired materials.

Min Ouyang
Ouyang, Min
Associate Professor
2334 Physics Building
301-405-5985 | mouyang@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Exploration of emerging physical phenomena at the nanoscale, including light-matter-spin interactions, through nanomaterials advancement, ultrafast spectroscopy, and new local probe instrumentation and technology development.

Rodriguez, Efrain E.
Assistant Professor
Room 4101 Chemistry Building
301-405-1541 | efrain@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Materials and solid state chemistry, inorganic materials, synthesis and characterization of transition metal (TM) compounds, preparation of metastable materials for energy applications, functional TM compounds, advanced characterization of compounds including X-ray and neutron diffraction with magnetization and electrical transport measurements. 

Ben Shapiro
Shapiro, Ben
2246 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-4191 | benshap@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Research control of micro-scale systems, fluid dynamics, biochemicals.

Lawrence Sita
Sita, Lawrence
0300 Chemistry Building
301-405-5753 | lsita@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Synthetic, structural and mechanistic inorganic and organometallic chemistry; molecular and mesoscopic self-assembly processes; chemically modified surface and interfaces.

Elisabeth Smela
Smela, Elisabeth
2176 Glenn L. Martin Hall
301-405-5265 | smela@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), particularly polymer MEMS and bioMEMS; use of organic materials (from polymers to cells) in microsystems to realize microactuators; cell-based sensors; CMOS/MEMS integrated systems.

Chunsheng Wang
Wang, Chunsheng
1223A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-0352 | cswang@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors, hydrogen storage, sensors, advanced materials for electrochemical power sources. 

Woehl, Taylor J.
Assistant Professor
1223B Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301.405.1074 | tjwoehl@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Nanomaterial assembly, nucleation, protein aggregation, in situ electron microscopy, plasmonics and tunable optical materials, active matter and collective behavior, (electro)catalyst degradation, radiation chemistry

Zachariah, Michael
3120 Chemistry Building
301-405-4311 | mrz@umd.edu | Website
Research Interests:

Nanoparticle science, manufacturing and measurements.

Campo, Eva
Adjunct Professor
Program Director, Materials Research Division, NSF
(703) 292-7010 | ecampo@nsf.gov
Cui, Jun
Adjunct Associate Professor
Senior Scientist, Energy Materials
P.O. Box 999, MSIN K2-03 Richland, WA 99352
(509) 375-2028 | Jun.cui@pnnl.gov
Foecke, Tim
Adjunct Professor
Director, NIST Center for Automotive Lightweighting
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
Kukla, Maija M.
Adjunct Professor
Program Director, EPSCoR, OD/OIA
Office of International Science and Engineering , National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22230
703-292-4940 | mkukla@nsf.gov
Livingston, Richard
Adjunct Professor
2309F Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
202-738-7315 | rliving1@umd.edu
Pate, Brian D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Physical Scientist
Science and Technology Manager
Joint Science and Technology Office for Chemical and Biological Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Fort Belvoir, VA
703-767-3388 | Brian.Pate@DTRA.MIL
Richardson, Christopher
Adjunct Professor
Research Scientist, UMD Laboratory for Physical Sciences
8050 Greenmead Drive, College Park, MD
(301 935 - 6426 | richardson@lps.umd.edu
Talin, A. Alec
Adjunct Associate Professor
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Lab
7011 East Ave, Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 294-2495 | atalin@umd.edu
Alexander Roytburd
Professor Emeritus
1106 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-7298 | roytburd@umd.edu
Joseph Silverman
Professor Emeritus
2335 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5228 | jagman@umd.edu

Faculty Research Assistant

Anderson, Jeffrey R.
Berk, Norman F.
Brocker, Christoph
Brooks, Benjamin Ellis
Gagnon, Cedric
Hine, George
Pisanic, John S.
Prask, Henry
Stasak, Drew Michael

Assistant Research Scientist

Azuah, Richard T.
Chen, Wangchun
Henderson, Stephen
Henderson, Stephen
Qiu, Yiming
Rowe, John Michael

Research Associate

Duncan, Keith L.
Eaman, A Karim
Guo, Shy-hauh
Mastrikov, Yuri
Rodriguez, Jose
Tyagi, Madhu Sudan
Zhang, Xin

Acting Director, Radiation Facilities, Research Assistant Professor

Koeth, Timothy W.